Work Holding

It is in the area of gripping where the characteristics of wear resistant alloys, including tungsten carbide, and the wide range of surface alloy finishes really allows the Mechanical Vapour Deposition method to excel.

Fine-ground, semi-finish machined, as cast components, as well as forged parts with surface harnesses from “dead-soft” to Rc 76, are held more securely with gripping finishes that are selected according to specific part condition.

Work Holding - Collet


Work Holding 2

Tube Bending Die

Work Holding 3

Locating Pads

Work Holding 4

Transfer Fingers


  • Coefficient of friction to 1.0
  • Reduces clamping pressures
  • Increases torque holding
  • No marring
  • No pushback
  • Outperforms serrations
  • No slippage
  • Creates non-perishable tooling
  • Better wear resistance

Typical Applications

  • Collets – ID/OD
  • Collets pads
  • Feed Fingers
  • Clamps
  • Chuck Jaws
  • Tube Bending Dies
  • Feed Rolls
  • Blocks
  • Locating Pads